How We Operate

Working globally, TW Flooring Group starts at the mill level in developing innovative products from both a design as well as performance perspective that make sense for?the North American market.

We then assist our suppliers in developing and implementing the correct production and in-line process quality control systems to provide the ongoing quality our products are well known for.

Only then does TW Flooring Group package these offerings up with the applicable marketing collateral to properly present them, whether branded for one of our channels?or private labeled for customer’s needs. TW Flooring Group additionally provides the logistic, pre and post-sale support necessary to launch, sell and service these products successfully in the North American market.

Our Evolution

Over time, TWFG has developed many innovative "programs", each of which address a specific segment of the wood, bamboo and cork flooring industry. Many of these programs have evolved into “channels” and now many are further maturing into standalone Companies. This maturation process allows each entity to better organize themselves and attract the correct financial and management teams to take advantage of their respective market opportunities in servicing the varied needs of this diverse and vibrant flooring market.

TW Flooring Group, founded and presently owned by William Jopling, as it grows, is further evolving through profit/ownership sharing with the key channel drivers in our various companies in addition to incentivizing our key shared team which supports all of our programs.


We look forward to introducing you to our staff, our various programs, channels and companies and we invite your inquiries and in working with you in the future.


The TW Flooring Group Team

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