TW Flooring Group's staff has decades of experience in supplying the North American market with flooring. Our main focus is on wood flooring - with exotics our specialty.

How We Operate

Working globally, TW Flooring Group starts at the mill level in developing innovative products that make sense for the North American market.

We then assist our suppliers in developing and implementing the correct production and in-line process quality control systems to provide the ongoing quality our flooring is well known for.

Only then does TW Flooring Group package these offerings up with exciting marketing collateral, whether TW branded or private labeled for Distribution. TW Flooring Group additionally provides the logistic and pre and post-sale support necessary to launch and service these products successfully in the North American market.

Our Programs

Over the years, TW has developed many innovative "programs", each of which address a specific segment of the wood flooring industry.

  • For the green residential and commercial flooring markets, EcoTimber services their needs. EcoTimber wood offerings are grouped under Tesoro Woods, while our bamboo and other wood-like materials are grouped under Dasso. And for commercial flooring needs our Wood Floor Resource Group Program services commercial dealers and the A&D community - all with the support of our distribution partners.
  • For the wholesale & distrubtion markets, we offer our Wood Floor Exchange and COOL Flooring Programs. These are unique web centric programs that connect both running line and opportunity buy needs to our global sources.

For more information visit TW Programs.

Our Staff

TW Flooring Group is owned by William Jopling. As a team that has been together for many years, the TW Flooring Group profit shares with it's staff while operating in an open book manner. We invite you to meet the TW Flooring Group Team.

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