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Residential & Commercial Wood Flooring


Since 1992, EcoTimber has been at the vanguard of offering sustainable wood and wood like fiber products from well managed forests and recycled/reclaimed sources. Learn More.

EcoTimber groups its product offerings:

Tesoro WoodsDasso

Wood Flooring

Tesoro in Spanish means treasure and all the wood flooring offered by WFRG is grouped under Tesoro Woods. Offering unique and beautiful wood floors crafted from from the world’s most treasured woods, many of Tesoro Woods floors feature FSC-certified, recycled or reclaimed content. Most of our engineered formats are bonded by eco-friendly adhesives making these floors not only the most attractive available on the market today but also some of the “greenest”.

  • Tesoro .Exotics
  • Tesoro .Domestics
  • Tesoro .Rustics
  • Tesoro .Reclaimed

Bamboo and other "wood like" offerings

Dasso is one of the world's premier manufacturers of Bamboo and other wood-like materials including, palm, cork and various reclaimed woods used in new strand formats. WFRG is pleased to represent Dasso in North America and our extensive Product Groupings include:

  • Dasso .Flooring
  • Dasso .XTR
  • Dasso .Elements
  • Dasso .Architectural
  • Dasso .Furnishings
  • Dasso .Innovations
Wood Floor Resource Group

WFRG was created specifically for the Commercial Flooring market. All custom designed products and value engineered product selections are grouped under WFRG. Learn more.

Wood Floor Exchange

Container & Truck Load - Volume Wood Flooring

Wood Floor Exchange (WFEX) is a volume supply program connecting our extensive, quality-controlled global sources to North American Distribution for their Private Label needs. WFEX acts as your buying agent for both overseas-sourced, container-volume purchases as well as truckload purchases of US produced flooring.


Close Outs & Odd Lots - Opportunity Buys in Wood Flooring

COOL Flooring is our newest and most exciting program developed exclusively for our distribution/wholesale partners and in turn is designed to be used for your dealer base and their buyers.  COOL Flooring gives you access to great value products such as closeouts, mill overruns, odd lots, discontinued items and other value opportunities.  COOL connects you to millions of dollars worth of global as well as stateside inventories.  In addition,  COOL Flooring provides you the most effective program for moving your distressed inventory.


TW Flooring Group

OEM Manufacturer on your behalf

TW Design is a longstanding partnership between the TW Flooring Group and Natural Wood Design, a flooring producer in Central America. TW Design provides OEM support to large North American manufacturers, offering services such as hand staining, scraping, milling and finishing for their flooring lines.
Learn more.

Tesoro Woods Global

Residential & Commercial Flooring & Wood Components – For Overseas Buyers

Tesoro Woods Global offers customers outside North America access to all our flooring products, either on a per project basis or for running line needs, direct shipped to you. And we speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Tesoro Woods Global also offer logs, lumber, veneer and other wood flooring components such as platform and flooring blanks to flooring manufacturers globally.

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