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TW Design is a longstanding partnership between the
TW Flooring Group and Natural Wood Design.

TW Design

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Natural Wood Design is a flooring producer located in Guatemala with whom we have worked closely with for decades. The TW Design partnership provides OEM support to large North American Flooring Manufacturers in offering the following services:  

1) Product Design

2) Flooring Manufacturing & Milling 

3) Hand Scraping & Staining

4) Finishing & Packaging

Typically, these manufacturers provide us with either the plywood platform from their mills and/or the lumber to fabricate the flooring faces. We then supply the substrate and the hand work. 

TW Design has a resident designer- Gabriel Peon. Gabril with a bckground as an architect/furniture designer, also has many years’ experience in hand worked flooring design and production. Gabriel assists TW Design customers in translating their design concepts into reality.

NWD provides the manufacturing support to TW Design who in turn manages the  customer interface and their logistics needs – hence TW Design. 

We invite your inquiries to provide production & design services for your products.

Clients include: 

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